Diaconia CRD

Diaconia CRD is the second largest nonprofit organiztion in the Czech Republic with a 110 year history.  Diaconia is based in Prague with an American office in Milwaukee, WI.  In the U.S., Diaconia ECCB is a partner of Heartland Alliance International based out of Chicago, IL. 

Diaconia is affiliated with the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren - a congregation with strong ties to the Presbyterian Church (USA).  Diaconia's mission is to pursue justice and provide a better life for those in greatest need.  Diaconia envisions a world where all members of the global community live with dignity, equality and respect and specializes in ongoing work in Ethiopia, Syria, Jordan, Moldova, Georgia, Cambodia, Ukraine and the Phillipines. 


Organization of African Inst. Churches

The Organization of African Instituted Churches (OAIC) is an association of African Independent, Instituted or African founded Churches (AICs) founded in 1978. The International Headquarters of the OAIC is located in Nairobi Kenya. The OAIC member churches serve a followership of over 30 million people across Africa. The OAIC member churches are largely found in the informal urban settlements and the rural areas of Africa. This gives OAIC the strength in serving with churches that are located among people who are located at the economic margins of Africa. The OAIC works with member denominations and community organizations in these settings to generate the resourcefulness of the people for a better life. This underpins OAIC’s working with local communities in Africa through the theme ‘visions for a better world’ which asserts the place of the dreams and visions of common people in responding to hunger poverty and the other challenges that face Africa.

Seed Programs International

Seed Programs International provides vegetable seeds and related connections and expertise to partners worldwide. Seeds are a reclaimed resource from the excess of the vegetable seed trade. Seeds are used in projects ranging from crisis relief, to agricultural development, to microenterprise.