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Tanzania Sengerema
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Tanzania Sengerema

In the district of Sengerema, which is next to Lake Victoria in Northern Tanzania, it is estimated that 75% of the population of 650,000 depend on agriculture as their primary source of income and food. However, according to the District Land Officer, as of 2010 only 2% of the farmers had formal titles to their land. This is a major concern in an area that is experiencing a high level of interest in land acquisition and gold mining from outside investors. Without land titles, farmers have no protection from their land being taken from them. The government of Tanzania has established a policy for granting titles to rural farmers, but unfortunately, it has limited resources to educate all the farmers on this process. For the last two years, World Renew and the Sengerema Informal Sector Association (SISA) have been implementing a Land Rights and Food Security project that has: trained farmers on the process for securing their land titles, built up the capacity and support of the government to enable these farmers to get their titles, and then educated farmers on improved agricultural practices to increase their productivity.

Watch this video by World Renew on the impact the Sengarema Program has has on Samwel and his family:


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