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Funding Still Needed: $65,000

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Nicaragua Boaco Camoapa
Asoc Cristiana Jóvenes de Nicaragua ACJ

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Nicaragua Boaco Camoapa

Nicaragua Boaco is a joint project supported by both World Renew and the Mennonite Central Committee with the local partner ACJ.  Located in the mountainous central region of Nicaragua, this program will work with farmers to recognize challenges that arise from a changing climate due to trends in deforestation and identify farming techniques and crops that help them have more resilient livelihoods.  Training will include climate change risk analysis and adaptation planning, farmer field schools, organizing water committees, and preserving fruits and vegetables.  Families will learn how to prepare healthier meals that include vegetables grown from their own ‘kitchen gardens’.  Throughout this process, attention will be given to address gender inequities, reaching the most vulnerable, especially women and girls.   In addition, the Mennonite Central Committee will place a volunteer with ACJ to support the agricultural component of the project. A key role for the volunteer will be work with ACJ in testing agriculture practices that are proven in other places in the world, but new for the Nicaragua context.  

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