Reaching the Next 1 Million

In FRB’s first 15 years, we supported the efforts of one million people as they learned new and better ways to grow their own food, increase their incomes, improve their homes, farms, and communities, and send their children to school. In looking forward, FRB has set a large goal to help us grow and expand our work. By 2023 we hope to reach the next 1 million people through our overseas programs. 

FRB invites you to help us reach this goal by investing in the three key areas listed below.  Your gifts and support will allow FRB to raise a total of $55 million over seven years so that a million more farmers can combine their experience with new training and resources to grow more food and transform their lives and communities.

  • Growing Project Matching Fund:  Our US community-based growing projects are the primary engine of FRB and are central to meeting our goal.  Our Growing Project Matching Fund will help us to begin new growing projects.  With matching support we plan to start more than 125 new growing projects over these next seven years in addition to maintaining and expanding existing projects.
  • FRB Growth Fund:  This fund will increase the ability of FRB to support volunteers, connect with new partners, and create new opportunities for individuals to be transformed by the work of FRB.  This will allow FRB to reach the next 1 million by engaging those here in the US who want to make a positive difference in the lives of people in need.
  • Weather and Markets Contingency Fund:  The Weather and Markets Contingency Fund will allow FRB to continue to fund our overseas food security programs even when weather events or markets adversely affect donations from our growing projects. 

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